Do you want to improve your health and fitness level regardless of your age? Are you interested in increasing your vitality and living longer? Would you like to deal more effectively with the stress of work and everyday life? Do you want to improve your athletic or martial arts skills? Are you curious about traditional and contemporary Chinese culture and how it can help you better understand, manage, and improve your overall feeling of well-being? The Ji Hong Tai Chi School can help you achieve all of these goals and more through a variety of scientifically based and systematically designed programs that respond to a wide range of interests, abilities, and current levels of fitness. Health and fitness exercises, such as tai chi, have been practiced in China for thousands of years. Tai Chi itself was originally developed as a martial art, and some people continue to practice it today for self-defense and martial arts competition. However it is also done by millions of people around the world for its therapeutic effects on the body and mind..

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3241 KENNEDY ROAD, UNIT 9 (Southeast of Kennedy Rd./Passmore Ave.) TORONTO, ON, M1V 2J8, CANADA

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Email: jhtcschool@gmail.com

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